Crazy Dragon Slots

Do you go for crazy slots? Crazy could mean several things, but one thing you can count on in this RTG slot is the appearance of a dragon. It doesn't take long to figure out we are being treated to an Oriental theme here, but will this be traditional in presentation or are there some secrets yet to be discovered?

Reels and lines

There are just three reels here, albeit ones that are sharply presented. The bright icons also appear over the three reels but only on one payline.

Coins that could be used

This is not a cheap slot to play. However, there are no choices to be made here - you must be willing to play a dollar on each spin, since that is the only available coin in play. Up to three coins can be bet on the line.

Crazy Dragon special icons

The dragon appears on the reels of this game, and is portioned in sections - three of them, with one part potentially appearing on each reel to complete the look. You need to find just one part of the dragon to secure two free games, while two parts will reward you with five free games. Find all three and you win 20 free games.

The game also produces a wild symbol that looks like the famous yin yang symbol. It can substitute for everything except the portions of the dragon. To win the top prize, you must find three fish on the payline.

Bonus features

We mentioned the free spins before, but we have yet to mention the possibility of a progressive jackpot. This one has a tricky trigger - you must first win 20 spins with the aid of a complete dragon over the reels. Following that, you must trigger another set of 20 spins four more times to reach the 100-spin maximum in one go. Only then would the progressive jackpot be won. It has occurred before though, so you never know when it might occur again.

Play the Crazy Dragon slot game from RTG now

Crazy Dragon is a nice game - especially since it is just a small one. The higher bet required is explained by the progressive jackpot, but you must ensure you are happy to play that dollar minimum per spin if you are going to play. Check your budget before deciding whether to proceed with this entertaining game.