Gemtopia Slots

Gemtopia Slots is a colorful, shimmering slot set inside a dank cavern and with all manner of sparkling gems forming the essence of the theme. You’ll find diamonds, amethyst crystals, emeralds, topaz gems and rubies well-represented on the reels. More importantly, the game offers you the chance to corral special features such as the Bonus Picks and the Free Games option. With 5 reels and 15 variable paylines, you can be confident that there are plenty of different ways for you to win.

This jewelry-themed slot has a bunch of features, like we mentioned above. The Wild symbols are of the expanding variety, and their appearance brings along an Instant Respin while locking the Wild symbol in place. If you happen to get another Wild symbol to show up during the current Respin, then you’ll simply be rewarded with yet another Respin. Talk about multiple opportunities to win!

And it doesn’t stop there with Gemtopia Slots; the Free Games feature has plenty of cool additions once it’s triggered. Bonus gems show up on the reels, and if you get at least three of them at any time during your allotment of 15 Free Games, then each Bonus gem can deliver a cash prize worth a thousand times your original bet. You also receive more chances to win once they’re activated.

Now for the jackpot; of which there are a couple. The lesser one is called the Minor Jackpot, and it is worth a cool $250 - which is nothing to sneeze at. The greater one is called the Major Jackpot, and it is an even cooler $1,000. These jackpots can be grouped, as per the rules of the game. There’s yet a third jackpot: the Progressive. This is random and can be triggered at any point during Gemtopia Slots gameplay, and can be added to your total - including any of the other jackpots. The highest award this game pays out is a whopping 50,000 times your bet per payline, and requires the right amount of Scatter symbols to access this life-changing amount of cash.

There’s more to this awesome and well-constructed game; you can play Gemtopia Slots on your mobile device, or download onto a desktop computer/laptop. If you don’t like winning money, feel free to try the Instant Play option. You’ll be missing out on loads of cash and prizes if you take this “safe” route, though, so download, make a deposit, and use small amounts while playing all the paylines. See you inside!