Green Light Slot Game

Driving is a passion to many worldwide. However, it is not often that one can drive unrestrained and fast, especially in the city. It sometimes take 30 minutes to move a few hundred feet. Traffic is everywhere, so are traffic lights holding you up and slowing you down. What would it be like if all the traffic lights were green? No traffic to slow you down? Driving would once again become a pleasurable experience instead of a frustrating one. This wonderful crafted car speed game puts you firmly in the drivers seat and in full control of your destiny. The Green Light Slot game offers you the chance to speed up, race and win the cash prize. Take your foot off the brake and press it down firmly on the accelerator; pedal to the metal. Savor the sweet taste of speed and the thrills of winning.

Don't Stop! The Lights are Green!

The Green Light is a game with pretty good percentage payouts and chances to win are there for the taking. Making a deposit automatically receives a cash Bonus, so your chances of winning are increased right at the outset. Dare you take up the challenge? Winning the race will bring you fame and glory, a chorus of girls cheering for you and lavishing respect and love on you. Isn't that enough?

The game set up includes 5 x 3 Reels with 20 Pay (Racing) Lines. The familiar feel to the game is part of the process that includes a great theme and ultimately, winnings. With Coin values pretty flexible, it is a real pleasure playing Green Light as it allows complete flexibility of the wagering options, including Free practice games to enable the newcomer to the game to get used to the system before wagering real money.

Realistic Theme

The Formula One theme prevails throughout the game, so fans of this motor sport will surely find Green Light of interest. One basically races the cars to try and win the race and game - resulting in cash winnings and prizes. Furthermore, there are Bonus Games and other great features to be found within the game. Not least the button layout, functions and special features. The information button leads to the Pay Table that explains clearly, game rules, points system, the value of each Icon and an explanation of the functions of the Wild and Scatter features. So it is all very clear. The graphics marry with the sound effects perfectly to create a real Formula One atmosphere, thus the title Green Light. From "Wild" Racing Drivers to Free Spins, with a dose of Prize Multipliers for good measure. Several other great prizes can be picked up along the way including, winning trophies, drinking champagne to celebrate the race victory and last but not least, the hoards of adoring super-models wanting to date you (the winner). It is all here, just like the thing. You really need to get in the driving seat, win the race and cash out with the goodies.