Santa Strikes Back! Slot Game

Santa's bag of goodies is normally filled with toys and games. The game is right here, the toys are the cash winnings. Everyone is entitled to partake in this game and everyone has the chance of winning Santa's gifts, including you.

Santa spends most of the year with his elves preparing presents for all the kids on the world and then delivering them on Christmas Eve with his reindeer and sleigh from down the chimney. However, everyday is Christmas Eve! You do not have to wait till Christmas Eve to enjoy this game and win some of Santa's goodies.

The game; Santa Strikes Back is a high velocity, enthralling game with all the excitement one could expect from a premium, high quality Slit game. There are great features, Bonus Rounds, huge payouts and much more to feast the eyes on.

Santa's Helpers & Friends

Mrs Claus is here along with the Elves, but watch out! there are also Poisonous Gifts and the North Pole is far from tranquil. Santa Strikes Back gives away as much as 140 Free Spins and there are also generous multipliers to boost your winnings. What's more, there is a Progressive Jackpot worth $5,000! The maximum payout is 50,000 times your bet! The Wild and Scatter Symbols are both animated. The sword-wielding Santa symbol is Wild and the The Scatter Symbol is Santa and Rudolph (the red nosed reindeer). There is a tied up Rudolph symbol, the letters A, J, Q and K along with the numbers 9 and 10; all classic Icons. There is also a Gift Box Symbol, an Elf reading a book and various others incorporating Santa, Rudolf of the Elves.

Game Play & Special Features

25 Pay Lines and 5 Reels make up the main part of the screen. You will need to select the number of Pay Lines you would like to play on from a range of 1 to 25. Immediately following that you need to select your bet by using the arrows to increase or decrease your bet. The arrows are situated on the left of your screen. The betting can start from a minimum of $0.25 per Spin to a maximum bet of $125. There is great variety of wagering options which means anyone can enjoy this game; from high rollers to beginners of the game and lower stakes. Then press the Start Button to commence the game play. There is the handy option of selecting the Autoplay mode. This will give the option of select as much as 1000 spins while you sit back and enjoy the game. This is normally done with low stakes so the game will last longer, besides "training" you how to play before moving up to higher stakes. The Help Button is there to use. Press it and it will open up the Pay Table, game rules and explanations, Icon values and payout amounts.

The Bonus Rounds are great fun to play, if you are patient enough to play diligently and at length.

The graphics are great to behold and the music non intrusive, meaning it can only be heard sparingly. It is however more prominent during the Bonus Round and you can even hear the song; "Jingle Bells". It is worth trying out for the Bonus Round in order to hear the lovely music and of course the additional winning opportunities. Welcome to Santa's adventures at the North Pole and enjoy the Christmas spirit in style by winning your gift prematurely. Then you will really have something exceptional this coming Christmas.