Shopping Spree Slot Game

How refreshing! Finally a game that is not solely directed at males. This time the female is Queen. Shopping is one of those activities that causes great excitement among women and girls. True, many men enjoy shopping too, so this game will also appeal to them. However, nobody can deny the sheer passion women put into the hobby of shopping. Even online the trend is in favour of women although it must be admitted that they prefer to see, touch and feel what they are buying, especially regarding clothes, shoes and handbags.

What can we expect?

What indeed! Off the cuff, without even looking at the game at this stage one would expect all the glory of a real Shopping Spree. Buy, buy and buy. The difference is you have a lot of cash to play with during the game, especially if you pace yourself slowly but surely when setting out to play Shopping Spree. In order to make even more cash to go shopping (in reality), you will need to understand the following:

Game Strategy, Features & Icons

What do women really love to buy? What Symbols does the game offer. These two questions have the same answer. You will find Symbols such as; expensive, hand made Leather Shoes, Designer Handbags and Purses, beautifully scented Perfume, bouquets of Roses, branded Make Up and Cosmetics. Expensive objects such as Pearl Necklaces and Diamond Rings are also here, as we all know how much women like them, and some men like to buy for them. There is a wonderful Progressive Jackpot that is open to all players no matter your wager amount. The most important and powerful Symbols are the Dollar Sign, and the Mystery Grab Bags. The Scatter Symbol is the Dollar Sign. Get 3 on the Reels and you will win you a credit Bonus. Getting 3 or more Mystery Grab Bags will trigger the Bonus Round. You are given the option of picking one of three Question Mark Symbols which then triple your original bet. Clicking on a Question Mark Symbol which has a Collect X Symbol beneath it, will end the game and you can cash out your substantial winnings.

As with all games, one needs a basic strategy which will include how much you want to wager, setting a limit and stopping once you reach that limit. However, you will be happy to know that Shipping Spree is a versatile game that allows low bets as well as high ones. The Coin value reflect this philosophy as there is only one value, $0.25. Nevertheless, with so many Pay Lines it is possible to increase the total wager to a high figure. The maximum is 9, so there are 9 options. 10 if you count the Free (Practice) mode. You will also need to decide how many coins to wager per line with a choice of between 1 and 5. This creates even more variety and wagering options.

Deep down inside we all like shopping if we have money in the pocket to burn. This is the appeal of Shopping Spree. It grows on you the more you play it. And the more you play it, the faster you will master it and be able to win. Once you have won, why not go out on a real Shopping Spree (or take your lady out on one if you are male). Enjoy your real Shopping Spree after you have tried out this outstanding game. The graphics, animations, symbols and sound effects all contribute towards Shopping Spree becoming a classic, if it already hasn't!