Popiñata Slot Game

The entertaining new game; Popiñata, is full of Piñatas bursting with gifts and cash prizes. Just like the real thing. These cute, animals which contain (sweets) gifts that are revealed upon breaking the animal to find out what is hidden within. This concept translates well into an online casino game. It retains the party atmosphere and adds a great gambling experience to the mix. So basically the game involves spinning the Reels of Popiñata to try and find as many sweet treats (cash rewards) as possible. Along the way you will encounter Bonus Games and special features within the game of Popiñata.

Colourful Characters & Symbols

The game is based on the ever popular feast celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. The festive spirit and party atmosphere is evident within the game from start to finish. The characters and Symbols are interesting and inspiring with Icons such as; Mexican Donkey which is also the Wild Symbol. If it lands on Reels 2, 3 and 4, you are in for a treat and win as it will replace all other symbols to create winning combinations. Making up the rest of the Symbols, there are Sombreros, Chilis, Cacti, a Guitar and Fireworks and Rockets, Champagne and a Mexican Sandwich. The game utilizes a 5 Reel, 10 Pay Line game play system which is so familiar with players, and welcomed by the majority of them. Wagering is kept between $0.10 and $2.50 so one can keep the wagering in check without the temptation of wagering too high an amount. The game has some great features such as expanding Wilds, Re-spins and sticky wilds. The game pays out from left to right as well as right to left. Triggering the jackpot leads to huge payouts considering the more than generous 250x multiplier function.

The highest paying Symbol is the Cacti, paying out 250x your stake if you are lucky enough to land 5 of a kind. This automatically triggers the 250x multiplier. The maximum wager of $2.50 per spin can award a $625.00 Jackpot from the prickly cacti. The Chilli Symbol is the next highest paying Icon awarding a 120x multiplier if you get a full win line of Symbols.

Game Features & Layout

The platform is optimized for mobile/tablet as well as lap/desk top so the game can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime. The design is totally Mexican from start to finish. Large cacti grace the sides of the screen as you play. The party streamers separate the Symbols on the Reels and the control panel features a Sombrero spin button with the option of adjusting the bets and Pay Lines. This makes it much easier for one to monitor ones credits and points. Even the speed of your spins can be regulated to slow, medium or high, by using the control panel. The wooden sign (button) opens up the control panel whereby one can check values, and see explanations about the different combinations of the Symbols and their. Winning amounts. This is a vital tool that will help you to understand the game better and it can be accessed at any time during the game.

Indeed, Popiñata is a great game with very good chances of winning. Although the stakes are moderately low, the game pays out more often than others because payouts are both ways (left to right and vice versa). The theme is uplifting and the more frequent wins add a great deal of excitement to the game. It would be a shame to throw those chances away now wouldn't it?